Maxim Elisha Zaslavsky

(aka @maximz, @zazius)

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I'm a computer science student at Princeton University, originally from San Diego, CA.

I use computer science — primarily data science — to solve problems in other fields.

In 2015, I worked on the data science team at The New York Times. Previously, I've worked at Nest, at a neuroscience startup, and on evolutionary game theory research.

In my free time, I play music (mostly jazz piano these days), travel, and read.


Maxim's CV (circa Dec 2014).

Featured as one of Business Insider's 25 Most Impressive Kids Graduating from High School.

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Side Projects

I ran the 2014 Princeton Silicon Valley TigerTrek, the trip that brings 20 undergrads to Silicon Valley for a week of off-the-record Q&A with the legends of the Valley.
We met with Peter Thiel, Meg Whitman, John Doerr, Sal Khan, and others.

Legato Network is my piano tracking project for helping traveling musicians find pianos they can play on.

And most recently, my class team built ReCal, the app 1 in 2 Princeton students use for course selection.


Email: {[email protected], [email protected]}

Phone: (336) 462-9469

Mail: 2569 Frist Center
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-1125

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